Producer Wine Name Varietal Reviewer Rating Vintage Cost
ProducerTenimenti Conti Neri  Wine Name  VarietalBlended Red  ReviewerMike Taylor  RatingExcellent  Vintage2001  Cost$7.00 
Where do I start? Valpolicella located in the Veneto region along with Soave and Bardolino that makes up the regions big 3 is known for producing large quantities of wine at attractive prices. However attractive the price, finding quality wines can sometimes be difficult at best.

In comes Tenimenti Conti Neri, which carries the DOC classification: Valpolicella Classico Superiore. Boasting the Classico Superiore is more prestigious since the wine has to have an alcoholic strength of at least 12% and be aged for a period of one year. Further, the Conti Neri is also a "Ripasso" wine whereby the juice gets the pleasure of spending time with unpressed skins used for Amarone production.

Now on to the good stuff!

Pouring yourself a glass of this wine you will notice the garnet red color that is both clear and deep. The aromas your nose are treated to consist of chocolate, smokey vanilla and Bing cherries with a pure intensity that is completely enjoyable. After the eyes and nose have had their joys, it is time to treat the palate. I found the wine to present richness in flavor of stewed dark cherries along with chalky tannins in a rich body that leaves a sound lingering finish.

A balanced wine that leaves you saying "I can't believe I paid $7 for this wine. At that price I would recommend stocking up to enjoy it again and again.
Color Type Maturity Appellation Country State County Region
ColorRed  TypeRipasso  MaturityReady  Appellation  CountryItaly  State  County  RegionVeneto 
Date added: January 23, 2005
Superb: 95-100 | Excellent: 90-94 | Very Good: 85-89 | Good: 80-84 | Ordinary: 75-79 | Undrinkable: 50-74