PinoVino Wine Ratings

Ratings, ratings! Get your ratings before you buy any wine! Many wines have a hard time selling unless they are blessed with a rating. Most of the ratings systems available today are useful, but I believe all wine consumers can just as well become their own wine critic. After all, we all want to drink the best possible wine we can obtain. My rating system is as follows:

  • Superb: scoring 95-100 points
  • Excellent: scoring 90-94 points
  • Very good: scoring 85-89 points
  • Good: scoring 80-84 points
  • Ordinary: scoring 75-79 points
  • Undrinkable: scoring 50-74 points

It puts more focus on the words themselves rather than the numerical scores. I say that because many believe the words more properly convey the actual quality of a given wine instead of its corresponding point score.

For example, if I say this is a "Very good" tasting wine that correlates in one's mind the thought that we are all familiar with. We know when something tastes good! However, if I stick with the points only and I say, for example this an 89 point wine, it begs you to ask "Yeah, but does it taste good?"

Now you may be thinking... "Hum well, I believe I would rather buy a "Very good" wine that scored 89 points rather than a "Good" wine that scored 80 points." That may or may not be true. How many times have you bought a bottle of wine that had a 90 point rating only to think why did it score 90 points? I too have had the same experience.

So my intent is, by using the above words to rate wines, I will hopefully get us closer in our mutual evaluation and ultimately everyone's enjoyment of a bottle of wine. In other words, I might score a wine 89 points giving it a "Very good" rating whereas, you might score the same wine 80 points giving it a "Good" rating. Is it still good even though we did not arrive at the same point score?

So, this spread is intentional, and I will refer to it as the "subjective deviation factor." In the end I would recommend that you focus on the review text - rather than just the score. While we may not all smell and taste the same thing in a wine it is my hope that we are at least close!

The methodology I use to arrive at the above rating system is as follows:

  • Appearance: 10 points
  • Aroma: 25 points
  • Taste: 25 points
  • Balance: 20 points
  • Finish: 10 points
  • Impression: 10 points

Now, you might ask just how does he go about assigning points under each characteristic?

I will happily tell you, please keep reading...