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Featured wine reviews for July 17, 2024

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The most useful tool next to your corkscrew! Redefine your palate with rich aromas, flavors and textures. Our wine reviews show you how in shades of red, white and rose. “Taste the earth, that grows the vine, that yields the berry, that makes the wine!” - Mike Taylor

Please enjoy our wine reviews from recent bottle openings! Here, you will find short tasting notes that cover a variety of wines - from red, white and rose to sparking, desert and fortified. Consider them to be reliable "palate wise" opinions without bias!

After tasting some of these delicious wines, you will quickly discover the varietals and styles of wines PinoVino has discovered while out and about on the wine trail. Many of those wines we enjoy drinking ourselves with hardy
enthusiasm while in the company of family and friends. We feel this type of wine experience is every bit as important as the wines themselves!

After all, fun get togethers, whether planned or spontaneous that involve all of the above is really what drinking great wine (with great food or just on its own) is all about.