PinoVino Wine Reviewer Profile

Greetings fellow wine lovers! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by and see the face behind the words. Like most of you, I can remember when I was bit by the wine bug. For years, wine had been just a simple enjoyable hobby that I took a bit more time with than others. It was rewarding to find a nice bottle of wine while shopping and then enjoying it with whomever. In 2001, I had the opportunity to work in an exceptional wine department that featured a 4,000
bottle international wine portfolio. Here is where rocket fuel met passion! Working around so many bottles in an extremely dynamic environment, I quickly absorbed loads of new knowledge. That was the catalyst that really hooked me, and I am really thankful that I had this opportunity.

I now reside in California where I enjoy the diverse wine culture in many of California’s AVAs. I regularly visit these various wine regions including Paso Robles, Lodi, Sierra Foothills, Livermore, Santa Cruz, Napa, Sonoma and others, discovering wines to review. Regarding my wine reviews, it is important to note that I review wines I personally buy and drink in normal everyday settings. Sometimes I pair wine with food other times just a nice bottle is wonderful to enjoy while relaxing. In other words, I have no commercial involvement in any wine review I write -- although my wine budget might enjoy some involvement!

While living in California, my exposure to California wine has increased dramatically as one would imagine. However, with the total number of California wineries topping 1,000, I don't see myself tasting a bottle from every winery for many years to come! While California has an abundance of good wine, I continue to have a fondness for many international producers as you will see from my reviews. Fortunately, with passion and technology winemakers around the
globe consistently make quality wines. And that only bodes well for us wine lovers!

Of course, there is still joy in the hunt! Finding those small producers that craft extraordinarily delicious wines -- yet only a few know of them -- is a wine drinker's bliss. It is my joy to tell anyone and everyone about those wines as well as many others so that we all have the best information available to us when shopping for wine.


Drink Wine!