Tasting & Selection Process

Our Wine Discovered tasting process is at the heart of PinoVino. You can be confident that the wine reviews we offer have been assessed by an expert tasting panel: us. The tasting process of all of our reviewers is independent and free of bias from retailers, distributors and producers, since every bottle we taste and review is one that we discovered and bought ourselves -- sure, the extra cash would be nice, but when it comes to critiquing wines we can't be bought. Regardless of flashy bottles, labels and logos, what matters is the juice inside the bottle. That's where the buck stops.

How we score wine

To score a bottle of wine, we use established technical and professional criteria as well as the PinoVino scoring system, though what differentiates our reviews from others is our focus on the words we use to describe what your nose will smell, your mouth will feel and how the wine will taste. We seek out wines you can consume now as well as those possessing good cellaring qualities - there are actually fewer produced than you may think. You can't simple buy a bottle and store it for later consumption. There's more to it than that. Wines must be created with cellaring in mind, not to mention the winemaker has to start with good fruit and the bottle must ultimately be provided a proper home - climate controlled home that is.

When you buy wine recommended by PinoVino, you can be sure that the bottle is a cut above the multitudes of bottles that you see at your local wine store or grocery store, where you may find yourself scratching your head wondering what to buy. Consider a PinoVino wine review your own personal wine steward who has done the work for you so you'll know exactly what to buy. We've even included a picture of the label of each bottle we review, so it couldn't be easier. Just print up the review, take it to your wine or grocery store and tell the clerk you want a bottle of this. And if you have trouble finding it locally visit the winery via the link provided in the review and order it direct from the producer. Bon appetite!

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