Wine Review

Color:  Red

Type:  Table

Maturity:  Ready

Appellation:  Russian River Valley
Country:  United States

State:  California

County:  Sonoma

Region:  North Coast (CA)
Producer Wine Name Varietal Reviewer Rating Vintage Cost
Starry Night Winery  Old Vine  Zinfandel Mike Taylor Excellent  2001  $22.00
The Russian River AVA lies on the western side of Sonoma County and is known for producing world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. With charm and appeal, the 2001 Starry Night Old Vine Zinfandel beckons to be acknowledged. It shows a medium ruby red core that fades to a light pink rim. After a few swirls in the glass the nose begins to twitch anxiously awaiting the pleasures this wine reveals. Cherries and black currants blend with clove and black pepper, though to keep the nose at full attention are aromas of molasses as well as a touch of gameness.

In the mouth is where the excitement continues. With a gentle swish around the palate, this wine delivers a mellowed velvety tongue massage that feels like a Lazy Boy for the mouth. The body boasts a rich fleshy consistency and ripe fruit flavors confirm the nose. Not to be outdone, the silky velvety tannins shore up a warm solid finish that lingers. This old vine Zin' is deftly balanced and is nothing short of delicious.

I paired the wine with a couple of guests and an appetizer plate consisting of ripe Serrano chilies, fresh basil, tomatoes, olives and a selection of white cheeses. The spiciness of the chilies received a very satisfying complement from this wine.

Approximately 670 cases made.
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Date added: August 08, 2005
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